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Listening Project:

LP in South Africa and Cambodia

South Africa Aids Foundations Staff
South Africa AIDS Foundation staff at RSVP training

We are exploring new international LP uses. Last winter we met with the South Africa AIDS foundation and provided its staff with training in active listening that can be applied in their advocacy work.

The Cambodia Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Listening Project has now been proposed for funding by Bridges Across Borders in Cambodia. RSVP will provide training and consulation to this project. This project aims to make a unique and meaningful contribution toward long-term efforts to heal Cambodian society as the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (KRT) gets underway in 2006 and the Cambodian people embark on the painful process of confronting the heinous crimes and genocide committed under the Pol Pot regime.

When funding is received, Bridges Across Borders will coordinate the Cambodia Justice, Truth and Reconciliation Listening Project with the genocide education and KRT outreach program of the local organization Youth for Peace (YFP). It will also collaborate with the local community development organization Meakea Aphiwadh and contribute to a community-based development process that Meakea initiated in Takeo province.

Bridges Across Borders and Rural Southern Voice for Peace will train volunteers from both YFP and Meakea Aphiwadh's youth networks in nonviolence and compassionate, active listening skills, and support them to interview the older members of their community who have survived the horrors of war and genocide. Through a series of facilitated dialogues, we will work with the youth listeners and adult interviewees to process the experience of recounting and listening to historical narratives and visions of a better future. We will then work to translate that experience into "community inspired" work for justice and community development In addition, a Training of Trainers will provide local peace-building and community development organizations with the capacity to replicate the Listening Project model and incorporate it into their ongoing work for peace, justice and sustainable development.


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