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Gulf Coast Listening Project: Great News and Opportunities

July 9, 2006

To GCLP Coalitions, Partners and Friends:

While Julia Sibley Jones works on processing our interview results and Rebecca Bowe works on our media campaign, I have received exciting news on my work to develop other opportunities for transforming the voices of Katrina survivors into education /action.

The Gulf Coast Listening Project will be a primary focus of a three day long conference of the Southeast Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church in April 07. The Southeast Jurisdiction represents over 12,000 churches. Bi-annually it has been holding a conference that focuses on issues of multiculturalism. I have been working with Rev. Dr. Carl Arrington, director of African American Ministries for the Jurisdiction, and together we will be presenting the conferences only workshop -- a three day workshop entitled: Listening and Dialogue as Tools for Embracing Godís Diversity -- which will be attended by all three to four hundred conference participants.

The conference will feature what we have learned from our GCLP interviews and it will bring all participants into dialogue sessions around the issues of multi-culturalism, diversity and inequality that we have addressed in the Gulf Coast Listening Project. Even more exciting, we are setting up the event so that there will be 40 to 50 trained participants who can return to their communities prepared to conduct similar programs within their own churches.

As we begin turning to the next phase of our GCLP work Ė bringing what we have learned in our interviews to the public and developing dialogue, education, and action on issues of race, inequality and diversity, I want to thank the Columbia, Birmingham and Atlanta coalitions that have conducted the interviews that are at the heart of this project. Coordinators, please forward this message to all who have worked with you. And of course we must thank the brave, beautiful and wise people we have interviewed.

Important for all: Continuing to honor the voices of Katrina Survivors by applying them in Education and Action Work

Each coalition is now transitioning towards developing local and regional opportunities to educate the public with our interview results. We also need help from our partners and friends with this in every part of the country. The 1st anniversary of the Katrina disaster will be at the end of August so we must now begin developing contacts with local, national and regional media who will cover our work and carry the voices of Katrina survivors to the public.

Each of you receiving this can help simply by working on this as an individual, within your local GCLP coalition, or with some other group to find media contacts who are interested in our work. All who can help should contact:

Rebecca Bowe
300 School Road East, Asheville NC 28803
Email: rbowe22@hotmail.com
Phone: 828-277-8729
Office: 828-251-1333

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