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Listening Project News Archive: Summer 2005

Listening Project Work

The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) shows us how a statewide Listening Project can build power from the grassroots up. The Council is using some unique listening approaches of their own that are enabling them to interview diverse groups of women impacted by domestic violence. The experience and wisdom of these women will be used to reduce the occurrence and impact of family violence in Texas. The Council also houses the National Domestic Violence Hotline LP which is based on the premise that 'liberation occurs every time any one who has been hurt by their partner tells their story." For more info call 1-800-525-1978.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Interfaith Listening Project facilitated face to face interactions between U.S. congregations and Christian-Muslim teams from ten countries during 2004. The purpose of the project: to help church members plant and sustain relationships of understanding and mutual discovery with Muslim neighbor and to learn more about Islam and our world. This effort is not based on our Listening Project model but it is an excellent example of the many uses of Listening for social change that are now occurring throughout the country. For further information contact them in Louiseville, KY at 888-728-7228.

Oliver Kociolek from Germany was involved in the Croatia LP and is interested in doing some LP work in East Germany. f interested contact him at: 0179-522 22 37; 030-224 87 446; kociolek@t-online.de or okociolek@yahoo.com.

Related Information

A Listening Project video, presenting a talk given by Herb Walters at Swarthmore college is available from the Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center. It offers an excellent way to deepen your understanding of the Listening Project and how it could be applied to your community. Contact Pendle Hill Bookstore at 1-800-742-3150.

Anna Ramirez who headed the Health for Hispanics Listening Project in Yancey County, NC reports that the Lay Community Health Advisor program that came out of that project has now become the Lay Community Educator Program. This program now assists Latinos with primary social, health and economic survival issues and acts as the primary link between the Hispanic and Anglo communities in the county. It has office space provided by the county and is soon to have its own non-profit status as Centro de Enlace.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Listening Projects on Mobilization for Peace and Security successfully mobilized thousands of youth and people of color in speaking out, voting and acting for peace and progressive social change. Rick Wilson, RSVP network Listening Project trainer and AFSC staff member, helped AFSC organize successful Listening Projects in Pittsburgh, PA., Akron, OH, Kansas City, MO., St. Louis, MO., and Tucson, AZ. (www.afsc.org/ListeningProject). Scilla Wharhaftig reports that the Pittsburgh Project had several follow-up projects involving people in the arts — including both theatre and wonderful grassroots art exhibits enabling citizens to creatively express their social concerns and dreams. Thanks to Edward Bell for his report from Kansas City where much successful work was done in mobilizing communities of color.

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