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"A wise, simple, brilliant method for defusing community conflict and engendering creative unity."

—The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog


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Listening Project a non-profit organization providing guidance and training for: Community Listening Projects (CLP) and Facilitated Group Listening (FGL). Both programs have a thirty year history of helping community organizations achieve transformative change around issues of justice, conflict, health, community development, education, environment, and other concerns. Community Listening Projects:

  • Identify key community problems, issues and priorities
  • Include often unheard or unheeded voices
  • Build empathy, understanding and common ground among people with different or conflicting views.
  • Generate creative solutions
  • Develop new community leaders Forms uncommon coalitions and alliances
  • Create long-term capacity for collaborative community action that incorporates the concerns and needs of the community

“I maintain an unshakable faith in the Listening Project process. Integrity and truth are threads that tie it all together. When disagreements and egos are encountered, these strengths are very effective in preventing the problems from becoming crises. I’ve seen it work ... Our town has seen many positive changes because of our Listening Projects.”  —Geoff Huggins, Winchester, Virginia

“Listening Projects and Group Listening have been essential to our successful peace-team work in communities bitterly divided by ethnic fears and hatred. They have resulted in reconciliation between former enemies and rebuilding our war torn communities.” — Katarina Kruhonja, Republic of Croatia

Our success in holding companies accountable for the damage done by their toxic waste was made possible by our Listening Project. People who had been confused or afraid to speak out were willing to join us because of the positive contact and organizing that grewout of our Listening. — Joan Robinette, Concerned Citizens Against Toxic Waste, Harlan, Kentucky

Community Listening Projects have been done by the groups listed below. (More on current projects here: Updates or on past projects here: Media)




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